Kinetech Arts Projects

Since 2013 Kinetech Arts has been creating many indelible performances, installations and events. The following is an overview.



AI Sensorium
Location: Berlin
Date: Sep. 18 2019
Choreography and Performance: Daiane Lopes da Silva
Research: Weidong Yang
Poem by Vidhu Aggarwal
Audio Processing by Patricia Alessandrini

Sep. 22, 2109
Choreography & Performance
: Daiane Lopes da Silva & Tanja London
Data: Dr. William Collins with Rose Abramoff & Alison Marklein 
Composer: Richard Festinger

RF - Resonant Frequencies
Location: ODC Theater (Part of the Walking Distance Dance Festival)
Date: Thu May 16 — Fri May 17
Choreography: Daiane Lopes da Silva in collaboration with dancers.
Dancers: Hien Huynh, Daiane Lopes da Silva, Nathaniel Moore, Juliet Paramor, Hannah Wasielewski
Visual art and technology: Weidong Yang
Composer: Tim Russell
Installation: Tanja London


Location: Dance Mission Theater
Date: Oct 19 through 21, 2018

MESH is a multimedia performance that intersects dance with interactive technology. MESH is a network of fragmented stories about individuals running against time while feeling trapped behind a mask of uncertainties. The network is threaded with experiences from friends and loved ones in those difficult times. MESH looks at our lives through those unexpected situations that test our resilience and the impermanence of our bodies. At the same time, it invites discoveries of beauty within perilous conditions. MESH invites the audience to reflect on the value of our love and lives.

MESH was made possible through the support of the Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation and the CounterPulse Combustible Residency.

Cast: Choreography: Daiane Lopes da Silva
Dancers: Hien Huynh, Alex Law, Juliet Paramor, Hannah Wasielewski and Daiane Lopes da Silva
Original music: Ben Juodvalkis
Digital art and visual design: Weidong Yang
Graphic design: Raymond Larrett
Lighting Design: Harry Rubeck

Thanks to SandBox Suites, Travis Bennett, John Bohannon, Lake Tahoe Dance Collective, Hannah Young, Masha Rotfeld, Dancer’s Group, and all Open Lab participants. Special thanks to Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation, CounterPulse Combustible Residency, Jiayi Young, Shih-Wen Young, and John Heimann for supporting the creation of MESH



CHAMBER – Murmur, Pulse and Potluck

Location: Joe Goode Anex, 401 Alabama St. SF CA
Date: Nov. 16 & 17, 2017


Description: CHAMBER – Murmur, Pulse and Potluck, the newest interactive performance by Kinetech Arts, grew out from curiosity about the science and mysteries of the heart. By observing, measuring and collecting our hearts data, Kinetech Arts strives to illuminate information on the essence of our beings, our need for intimacy, connection, trust and our most current state as individuals and as a community. The process embodies the spirit of bridging together art with technology, human experience with data, and people of different disciplines into one community.

Cast: Concept: Weidong Yang and Daiane Lopes da Silva
Direction: Daiane Lopes da Silva
Choreography: Daiane Lopes da Silvain collaboration with the dancers
Dance: Clover Mathis, Gama Hsü, Hien HuynhJocelyn Reyes, Juliet Paramor and Tanja London
Poetry : William Blake interpreted by David Chase
Live painting: Raymond Larrett
Installation: Tanja London with video projection by Matt Hoe and technology by Weidong Yangand Travis Bennet
Music: Anna He (Clover Mathis solo musicby David Lang), Programing by Weidong Yang
Visual design and technology: Travis Bennett and Weidong Yang
Lighting and Sound: Beth Hersh



LocatIon: CounterPulse Combustible Residency at CounterPulse 80 Turk St. SF

Date: Sep. 7-9 and 14-16 2017

Description: MESH juxtaposes old and new technologies to tell the story of personal struggle against a life-threatening illness. A medical device – a mask made of mesh – holds the dancers’ suffering and fear, but also their hope and resilience. The mesh restricts the dancers, but it cannot restrict their imagination, their love, or their spirit, expressed through the movements of their bodies. Their spirit is refracted by a painter who uses their bodies as a canvas on which to paint a digital landscape that augments their inner states.

Cast: Concept by Daiane Lopes da Silva and Weidong Yang. Art direction by Jiayi Young. Choreography by Daiane Lopes da Silva. Technology direction by Weidong Young. Motion capture development by Travis Bennett. Performance by Daiane Lopes da Silva, Hien Huynh, Maria Sotnikova, Juliet Paramor and Weidong Yang. Technical assistance by Shih-Wen Young. Live digital painting by Raymond Larrett. 



Location:Palace of Fine Arts

Date: June 30, 2017

Description: Duality, which debuted at WebFest 3D 2017 in San Francisco, is the first live performance created with OpenPerform, a real-time, 1-to-1, Web-GL performance framework; built from the ground up to enable the direct expression of movement in a fully realized 3d universe.

Cast: Director: Travis Bennett. Choreography, Dance & Sound Design: Lauren Bedal. Design and Development: Fabien Lemaitre. Special Thanks to Weidong Yang, Daiane Lopes da Silva, Jasper Patterson, Ye Wang, Codame, Autodesk, Noitom.


Vertigo (Climate Music Project Collaboration)


Date: April 28, 2017

Description: The ClimateMusic Project and Kinetech Arts, in association with FXPAL, collaborated in a creative partnership to to tell the story of climate change with music, dance, and video imagery.

Cast: Music: Erik Ian Walker. Video and Design: Tony Dunnigan. Choreography: Daiane Lopes da Silva. Dance: Diane Lopes da Silva and Maria Sotnikova.


Brainwash Machine

Location: Part of the Public Square ”Can We Design Freedom?" event at YBCA

Date: Feb. 18, 2017

Description: BRAINWASH MACHINE or, How I Learned To Stop Thinking And Love The Label”, is a multimedia event by Kinetech Arts about how labels frame thought and shapes judgement in modern life.

Cast: Weidon Yang, Daiane Lopes da Silva, Raymond Larrett, Scott Rubin, Josh Marshall, Jiayi Young, Shih-Wen Young, Alex Benedict, Maria Sotnikova, Lauren Bedal, Hien Huynh, Shareen DeRyan, Sarah Smith, Keryn Breiterman-Loader, Travis Bennett, Evan Warfel, Sony Green, Charlie Eddy, David Ruth, Hanna Regev, Joel Dreamm, Yagiz Mungan, Ksenia Fedorova.


Index of Probabilities RESET/Mind My Body/Whip

Location: CuriOdyssey

Date: September 17, 2016

Description: A multidisciplinary event including a collection of collaborative projects with dancers, scientists, technologists, musicians and visual artists, with dynamic dance performances, sound-light field with arduinos, interactive installations, primitive artificial intelligence, E.C.G. experiments, and more. 

Cast: Choreography by Daiane Lopes da Silva, Shareen DeRyan and Byb Bibene. 

Original soundscapes by Elise Elizabeth, Erick R. Scheid and Chris D. Shaw. Performances by Maria Sotnikova, Shareen DeRyan, Amelia Eisen, Keryn Breiterman-Loader, Daiane Lopes da Silva, Byb Bibene and Norma Fong. Vocal by Lilia Naia. Installations by Weidong Yang, Alex Benedict, Travis Bennett, Robert Allison, Yagiz Mungan, Jiayi Young, Shih-Wen Young, Ian Winters and Raymond Larrett. 


Falling Off

Location: Grace Cathedral

Date: August 5, 2016

Description: An exploration into the interactions between the world and our physical bodies and the transformation experienced over time. This performance is part of the Soundwave ((7)) Biennial Architecture event at Grace Cathedral.

Cast: Choreography: Daiane Lopes da Silva. Dancers: Shareen DeRyan, Maria Sotnikova, Keryn Breiterman-Loader, Amelia Eisen, Neta Singer, Raquel Boluda Santiago and Daiane Lopes da Silva.. Live Music: Erick R. Scheid. Singer: Lilia Naia. Technical support: Travis Bennett and Weidong Yang


Elements of Others

Location: San Francisco International Arts Festival at Fort Mason

Date: May 25, 2016

Description: an exploration of human identity in a world of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. Taking inspiration from the Dadaist movement, Kinetech Arts uses randomness to determine the order of events, creating montage with dance, manifestos, interactive technologies, poetry and live music.

Cast: Daiane Lopes da Silva, Weidong Yang, Shareen DeRyan, Travis Bennett, Raymond Larrett, Alex Benedict, Robert Allison, Anna He, Miles Selim, Amelia Eisen, David Ruth, Keryn Breiterman- Loader, Maria Sotnikova, Sony Green. Thanks to Hanna Regev for curating the event


Metrics of Work

Location: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA)





State Space 2

Location: Dance Mission Theater

Date: November 13-14, 2015

Description: In STATE SPACE 2, Kinetech Arts is concerned with the relationship between humans and technology. The work is inspired by Kinetech Arts year-long research in concepts of Markov Chain and Fractals. Just like chaos theory, which creates patterns out of random events, STATE SPACE 2 creates order out of chaos and reminds us that technology has

the power to change and shape new collective states and behavioral patterns.

Cast: Choreography: Daiane Lopes da Silva. Dancers: Lauren Bedal, Shareen De Ryan, Erin Alexi Huestis, Diane Mateo, Esha Nambiar and Suzette Sagisi. Technology: Weidong Yang and Travis Bennett. Visual art: Raymond Larrett and Nick Jones


The Other Sight

Location: ODC Theater

Date: July 19, 2014

Description: The Other Sight integrates movement and tech finding inspiration at the intersection of current events, connectivity, and global surveillance systems. “Every move we make, every contact we hold, every penny that passes through our fingers is being monitored.” —SPF7. This performance meditates on the theme of watching and being watched and what we choose to reveal. 

Cast: Choreographed by Daiane Lopes da Silva in collaboration with the dancers. Technology by Weidong Yang; visual art by Charlie Levin and Raymond Larrett; original music by Robert Edgar, Robin Edgar, and Jean Tarantino. Dancers: Daiane Lopes da Silva, Katherine Disenhof, Colin Epstein, Irene Hsiao, Qinmin Liu, Priscilla Park and Rebecca Rose Robinson- Leviton.



In The Night

Location: Kunst-Stoff Arts 

Date: August 12, 2013

Description: Solo performance by Daiane Lopes da Silva.

Cast: Choreography and dance by Daiane Lopes da Silva. Visual effects by Weidong Yang




Location: Kunst-Stoff Arts

Date: August 12, 2013

Description: In 4SEE, the Kinetech Arts collaborative multidisciplinary performance group explores surveillance, the invasion of privacy, and how technology changes our lives and our relationships with each other. This work was developed in residence at KUNST-STOFF arts.

Cast: Choreographed by Daiane Lopes da Silva, technology developed by Weidong Yang, Cere Davis, Jesse Zbikowski, Max Carlson, and Florian Hoenig, visual design by Raymond Larrett. Performers: Ali Weeks, ArVejon A. Jones, Irene Hsiao, Karla Quintero, Katherine Disenhof, Keon Saghari, Ong Pholchai.