Kinetech Arts Needs Your Help

Kinetech Arts was founded in 2013 by Daiane Lopes da Silva and Weidong Yang with a mission of advancing the intersection of art, science and technology through research and performance. Since then, we have created many incredible projects with very limited resources, which came from small grants, a few private donations,  and most importantly, the selfless hard work of a community of friends and volunteers. In order to expand our mission, we applied for, and were granted, official tax-exempt such as 501(c)3 nonprofit status. We are reaching out to you, as a long-time friend and supporter of Kinetech Arts, to help us grow.
Expanding our productions schedule, community outreach, and educational efforts, as well as ensuring that the dancers, visual artists, and technicians who do the work are compensated for their research and effort, is our goal. Here are just some of the upcoming projects that your donations will help support.

  • Kinetech Arts performances – Full version of MESH on October 19-21 at Dance Mission Theater. With the support of Phyllis Wattis Foundation we are able to pay all artists and we have many volunteers helping us make this event happen! We still need funds to cover for theater, studio rental, and promotion.
  • DanceHack - sponsored by Kinetech Arts in association with CounterPulse, DanceHack brings together 100 dancers, hackers, digital artists, and performers to collaborate on live interactive art and performance. The 5th Annual DanceHack, this December, will be the biggest and best yet. We have the theater space and volunteers. The event is free for participants and includes workshops on dance, digital art and coding. We believe that artists need to be compensated for helping our community gain knowledge, and we are working hard for that to happen.
  • Open Lab – First three Wednesdays of the month, everyone is invited to join Kinetech Arts in experimentation and play with new technology, dance improvisation and artistic exploration. The Lab is free and open to the public. Come play with us!
  • Featured Artist Presentations - A showcase for selected artists, technologist, designers and thinkers to talk about their work, scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month.
  • Many more exciting projects still in the planning stages!

We have an incredibly ambitious schedule for the year ahead, and we can’t accomplish these goals without your help. As a bonus, any one who donates $100 or more will receive a Kinetech Arts tote bag. Please give as much as you can, and help Kinetech Arts community to grow and thrive!