Kinetech Arts Highlights 2017-2018

Highlights from Kinetech Arts performances in 2017-2018, including MESH, Brainwash Machine, Open Lab explorations and more.

CHAMBER – Murmur, Pulse and Potluck

CHAMBER – Murmur, Pulse and Potluck, grew out from curiosity about the science and mysteries of the heart. By observing, measuring and collecting our hearts data, Kinetech Arts strives to illuminate information on the essence of our beings, our need for intimacy, connection, trust and our most current state as individuals and as a community.


Collaboration with Climate Music Project.

DanceHack 2017 - Recap

Clips from DanceHack 2017, a tech-dance performance event hosted by Kinetech Arts and CounterPulse.

Elements of Others - Excerpts

An exploration of human identity in a world of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. Taking inspiration from the Dadaist movement, Kinetech Arts uses randomness to determine the order of events, creating montage with dance, manifestos, interactive technologies, poetry and live music.

Brainwash Machine

BRAINWASH MACHINE or, How I Learned To Stop Thinking And Love The Label”, is a multimedia event by Kinetech Arts about how labels frame thought and shapes judgement in modern life. Performed Feb. 18, 2017.

Bay Area Artists, Explore Spirituality, Dwelling and Architecture At The Grace Cathedral| KQED

A report by KQED on artists examining the rapidly transforming landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area, in the Soundwave 7th biennial, at which Kinetech Arts performed.