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Interview with Daiane Lopes da Silva

da silva: finding stillness though movement

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Kinetech Arts Plays with Dance and Technology: An Interview with Daiane Lopes da Silva and Weidong Yang of Kinetech Arts from Stance on Dance.


Review of Kinetech Arts performance “AI Sensorium” featuring Daiane Lopes da Silva and Tanja London, at the Palazzo Durazzo, August 30th, 9pm.

It’s in Italian. We suppose it’s probably nice.


“CounterPulse’s ‘Combustible Residency’ Toys with Technology” - Review of MESH by John Wilkins of KQED on Sept;. 13, 2017.

“…Kinetech Arts’ Mesh slips into disturbing and shocking territory that continually confounds our beliefs about technology and human agency…The whole effect is ridiculously beautiful and more than a bit terrifying. Here is art that takes an idea and harnesses it to a rigorous aesthetic practice. And because of that, you can’t stop thinking about it.


The Creators Project Review of DanceHackDay 2016

"What do you get when 70 dancers and creative coders meet for a hackathon? Chaos, yes, but also 18 compelling two-minute performances using both familiar and emerging new media tools, like full-body motion tracking, live-streamed 360-degree video, projection mapping, machine learning, virtual reality, and repurposed biometric data. This celebration of tactile performance and digital art forms the basis for DanceHackDay, an annual project hosted by Kinetech Arts, which was hosted at CounterPulse in San Francisco earlier this month."


Creative Coding In The San Francisco Bay Area

Webzine ForwardSlash has an article on the creative coding movement in the Bay Area with a great writeup on Kinetech Arts and DanceHackDay 2016!